Coping with adult acne

Acne is a problem that many of us have dealt with in our younger years. We all remember those insecure days in high school when a pimple or blemish would pop up, and we’d feel mortified to show up to a certain class if we were worried our crush might see us. And many of us felt the relief of passing those teenage years, thinking that acne would be forever in the past. But the fact is acne is not a problem solely for teenagers; many adults struggle with acne.


This unpleasant skin condition is perfectly natural and doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you; it simply means your skin type produces extra oil and that acne is more likely. Sometimes, acne can take a rest after your teenage years and pop back up again in your 30’s or even 40’s. While this can be extremely frustrating, it’s not something you should let get you down. You don’t have to feel like you’re back in high school again, hiding your face or covering it with heaps of makeup that only makes it look worse. The embarrassment that goes along with adult acne, however, can still be quite debilitating. Many adults feel self conscious at work if they have a lot of acne on their face. But don’t let this condition prevent you from living a great life. Instead, you can cope with adult acne in many ways that will restore your confidence naturally.


Where does acne come from?


To learn how to deal with adult acne it’s important to understand where it comes from in the first place. A lot of acne comes from blocked pores. You know those blackheads and whiteheads that are so tempting to pop? Don’t do it! They come from pore blockages. When oil and dead cells get trapped in the pores of your skin, the blackheads form and turn into full on pimples if you touch or infect them. So how can you deal with blocked pores? Try some cleansing masks and make sure to wash your face daily.


Acne can also come from the influence of hormones. This is why many people will see acne arise in their teenage years, because this is a time of life when hormones are raging. Many women will also see acne flare up in the days before their period, for a similar reason. This is where there is a hormone spike in their monthly cycle. And your hormone levels change as you age, which can cause acne to rise up again when you least expect it. Also keep in mind that we are eating a lot of food and milk products that contain extra hormones that our body doesn’t need. The hormones from meat and dairy can cause our bodies to overreact and cause acne breakouts. So what is the best way to deal with acne as a result of hormones? First, try to reduce the stresses in your life. Take up a relaxing activity like yoga or meditation to calm your body. This will help level out your hormone levels that cause acne breakouts. For many women, going on birth control pills can really control acne breakouts, so consider this option if it makes sense for you.


Natural acne remedies


Many people think that chocolate or fried foods cause acne, but this is actually a myth. It’s blocked pores that cause acne. But eating healthfully can reduce your chance of acne breakouts, as well as improve your overall health. Eating a diet filled with organic foods and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to clear up your skin. Think about turning your favorite fruits and veggies into juices as well. And don’t forget to stay hydrated because this improves your skin as well. Reducing the amount of makeup and foundation you wear can also help prevent acne. Anything to reduce the chance of blocking your pores on your face will help your face stay clear.


Medical acne remedies


If your acne is really causing you pain and embarrassment in your life, and natural remedies haven’t worked to reduce it, you might want to turn to some medical solutions. There are many products designed to reduce adult acne and restore your confidence. Aldactone is one medical remedy you can use that is designed to clear your face of acne. Another remedy you can choose if you’re a woman is going on the birth control pill. This helps to regulate hormones and prevent those spikes at certain times of the month that can bring on an acne breakout. 

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