5 Effective Skin Redness Solutions

Our skin is exposed to so many different elements. Between the cold, hot, dry, and humid conditions, your skins is often left worn and irritated over time, leading to redness. Here are 5 effective solutions that you can use to treat your skin right and help to reduce skin redness effectively.

Skin Redness Solutions

Hydrate to reduce skin redness and dryness. Drinking water helps to keep you well hydrated on the inside and out. The skin retains water, but a lack of hydration can result in dried out, red skin. Be sure to drink at lest 8 ounces of water each day to keep skin supple, healthy, and free of redness and irritation.

Sometimes redness occurs do to sun exposure from UVA rays. When spending lots of time in the sun, it is essential that you apply a sunscreen to your skin with an SPF of at least 30 to best protect your skin from damage. Sun damages the skin long term, and can result in wrinkles as well as cancers. During the short term, however, it often reddens the skin. To reduce redness, apply a soothing relief gel like aloe to cool and calm the skin. This will reduce discomfort and redness while also allowing the skin to heal much faster.

Apply a moisturizer to skin daily that is appropriate for sensitive skin. If your skin gets red or irritated often, you want to make sure your moisturizer is not contributing to the condition. Make sure the product you choose is made for sensitive skin and is free of scents and odors as well as dies and other artificial ingredients. Also, check labels to look look for skin saving ingredients like ceramides, dimethicone, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and lanolin. These help reduce redness and encourage skin to retain more water. Hydrocortisone cream is another wonderful lotion that is often used to relieve itching, reduce redness, and heal skin.

Avoid long, hot showers. While relaxing in a hot, steamy shower can feel fantastic, it s actually really detrimental to the condition and quality of your skin. Hot water dries out the upper dermal layer which can leave your skin dry, scaly or red. Try to limit your shower time to about 10 minutes to help heal your skin. If you do like to soak in hot tubs, try to reduce the heat damage by making it an oatmeal bath. You can use edible oatmeal or a product made just for oatmeal baths. This is known to calm and sooth irritated skin and is known as one of the best easy skin fixes.

Lastly, try switching out your soaps. Instead of using a heavily perfumed soap, try something unscented. In addition, opt for organic soaps. While they may cost you a bit more, they are made of ingredients that are good for your body and natural so that you can feel good about what you are putting on your skin as eel as which soap companies you are supporting with your purchases.

When it comes to red skin, there are many things that can cause this irritation, but luckily there are also many helpful, effective solutions. Be aware of what you put on your skin, and choose products that are organic and designed for sensitive skin. Also, reduce hot showers, and sun exposure which leave skin dry and damaged. Be sure to drink lots of water and moisturize every day to keep skin hydrated from the inside out. For more tips and solutions for red skin, be sure to go to your local spa such as Mona Spa and Wellness for expert advice.

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