Why I Love Women’s Hunter Wellies

When it comes to shopping for wellies, it is tempting to buy a standard pair of boots and hope that they will see you through the year. However, if you are going to be doing lots of walking and work in your wellies, then Hunter is the right choice for you. In addition, investing in a pair of Hunter boots will make you a hit at the summer festival scene this year, as you will look fashionable and on-trend.

Hunter Balmoral Neoprene 3mm Wellies Brown

The Hunter brand originated in Scotland in 1856. Since then they have gone on to be the Wellington boot of choice for royalties and celebrities alike. The Queen herself has worn them on Balmoral estate, whilst the likes of Kate Moss favor them for festivals.

There are many advantages to the Hunter Wellington boot. Firstly, they are specially designed to be durable, made of either a leather or neoprene  exterior for durability and scuff resistance. As a result, they are waterproof and do not smell of rubber.

Secondly, the Hunter boot comes in a range of sizes designed to suit all different sorts of calf size. Lastly, their leather-lined interior makes the boot extremely comfy and pleasant to wear, even after many hours on the go.

If you are thinking about buying a pair of these wellies, there are a couple of points you may wish to consider. For starters, what style and color do you think will suit you? The hunters come in a wide variety of designs, including the classic Balmoral and the new shorter boot. They are also available in many different colors, including classic reds, blues, greens and more outlandish colors such as olive or bright pink.

Then, there’s the question of what cut will best suit your height and leg shape. The Hunter Original Tall style suits taller women with slimmer calves, whilst the Hunter Huntress have a little more ‘give’ in the leg department. Alternatively, the Hunter Original Short styles are easy to fit to any size.

Whichever style you choose, ensure that your wellies fit properly for the activities you will be doing whilst wearing them. Usually, people like their boots to be roomy in the foot and calf, so that you can wear a thick sock if needed. The boots also need to be able to fit over your trousers comfortably, to protect your trousers from water or wear and tear. If you are planning to wear the boots with shorts or skirts, you will probably want them to be more fitted, however.

Whatever your choice, for a classic, yet stylish look, why not consider a pair of Hunter wellies today? The Hunter look continues to be stylish, whether you are wearing them to do the gardening, go horse riding, walk in the fields or make a trip into town.

Author Bio:

Helen Sawyer is a horse and dog owner who loves her trusty, stylish women’s Hunter wellies.

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