What Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe

Negotiating the minefield of establishing a fashion-friendly wardrobe for any man can be a challenging and daunting prospect.  But, it can be easier than you think.  By focusing on a few basic essentials you’ve got the foundations for a wardrobe to be proud of.  Here are some guidelines worth following.

Mix and match

The secret to creating a functional but funky wardrobe is to choose items that combine well with others, ie, you can easily mix and match them.  Not only can mixing and matching create a new look by using the same items of clothing in different ways, but it means you don’t have to overspend to kit your wardrobe out.  But, where do you start?

The classic white shirt

You really can’t go wrong with the classic white shirt or t-shirt.  It teams well with pretty much everything, and can form the basis of either a casual or a smart look.  Because it will get a lot of use, opt for a good quality garment, which will last a long time.  You’ll know when it’s time to replace your white shirt or t-shirt when it starts to fade, has stubborn stains embedded in it that don’t seem to want to shift, or it changes colour in the wash.


Blue jeans

Blue denim jeans rank as high up there as the white shirt when it comes to wardrobe essentials.  Your blue jeans work well with most other items of clothing and can form either a dress up or dress down look.  Keep them clean and ironed, as creased or dirty jeans can destroy your street cred in one foul swoop.


A formal suit

Even if you don’t have much call to wear a suit, it’s still advisable to have one in your wardrobe for those special occasions that necessitate dressing smartly.  A decent suit can last donkeys years, so opt for a good quality, well-fitted one, which will go down well in any formal situation.


A bit like the formal suit, owning a decent tie will probably come in handy at some point or other.  Choose colours that will blend in well with other items of attire.  Dark shades work better than bright, flashy or garish tones, so stick to something plain and simple.




Plain jacket

Jackets big on branding, logos and patterns will date easily, so go for a plain, well-fitted jacket that will stay current for ages.  If you choose something in between smart-casual, then you’ll get more use out of it for a wider choice of occasions.

Sports gear

No matter how much exercise or sport you undertake, every man should have some decent items of sports gear in his wardrobe that he can pull out if the need arises.  Whether you choose a high-quality tracksuit, breathable sports top and shorts, or a solid pair of trainers, make sure you choose the right attire for the type of activity you participate in.




Every man’s wardrobe needs a stylish pair of sunglasses in them, and not just to protect his eyes when the sun’s glare gets too much.  A trendy pair of shades is the ultimate fashion statement, so go for a style, such as oval-shaped, which will stand the test of time.



Written by the fashion team at Anna Davies, proud retailers of unique menswear.

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