A new dimension added to tattoo art – 3D tattoos start gaining popularity

Till now most of the tattoo designs have been 2D which is the abbreviated form of 2-dimensional. The word 2D means the tattoos are nothing but flat pictures which don’t have any depth within designing. But now with the growing popularity of 3D tattoos, there is an added dimension which is also known as the third dimension as per what the name suggests. Such tattoos have the speciality of interacting and communicating with your skin, thereby giving you the illusion of being situated over the skin or rather above your body.

3D tattoo – What is it?

In the animation industry, 2D animation is usually considered as conventional animation and most people are aware of the traditional form to be similar to the flat cartoons which are usually used in the most popular animations for kids like Gafield, The Smurfs and Friends. Hundreds of drawings are used in 2D animation and they are shown quickly in sequence to create a living and moving character. This kind of animation is given the name of 2-D since the drawings that are used are flat without any depth. There are only 2 dimensions of such images, height and width but on the other hand, 3D is a term which is used to define animation and art which uses another dimension which is ‘depth’ and this is something cool about such tattoos.

What is actually the depth of 3D tattoos?

Depth is an added feature of 3D tattoos and depth can also be considered as the distance. This distance communicated how much of space is there between something which is close enough to the eyes of the viewer and another object which is far away from the viewer’s eyes. Through this dimension the 3D animated characters receive the rounded appearance. Shading and lighting are the two most vital parts of 3D art and the artist has to create the lively impact by blurring and sketching the right shadows. It has been long that shadows haven’t been used in tattoo designs but since a last few years, the skilful tattoo artists have taken this art into a brand new dimension.

In order to create the effect, the artists have to paint highlights within the design. The rounded impact can be caused by shading and shadows are done to add distance and depth to the design of the tattoo. When such tattoos are done, they look like part of the body is sitting on top of the surface of the skin.

Is there a meaning behind 3D tattoos?

The subject of any 3D tattoo would have the same level of meaning as it would if it were done in 2D. For instance if the Mayan calendar was done in 2D, the meaning would remain the same as to what it would look like on a 3D tattoo. The sole difference is that due to the lively impact of 3D, the design would be more realistic to the owner of the tattoo.

So, if you’re eager to get a 3D tattoo done on your body, make sure you know how these tattoos are done and what they signify. 

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