Men’s Fashion Tips – How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

With so many different jeans on the market it can be difficult to know what to choose. Not all cuts will suit your body shape, budget or your personal style. If you’re in need of a new pair of denim jeans have a read through our basic guide, designed to help you find the right pair with minimal effort.


 The Versatile Jeans


Slim cut jeans give you a great silhouette, regardless of your body shape. If you’re nervous about trying slim cut for the first time, the safest thing to do is buy them in dark denim, such as raw denim in indigo. These are classic jeans that can be made to look smart and they always look neat, making them perfect for the smart-casual dress code. When it comes to washing, the good news is you shouldn’t give them the first wash for at least six months. After six months give the jeans a dry wash as it will stop the indigo from bleeding but all the dirt will be removed.


Youthful Jeans


If you’re young and have a slim shape you can go for the skinny jean cut. If you have thick thighs or an athletic build, skinny jeans are not for you, so move on to the next option. Skinny jeans look good on anyone who is slender; they cling to your skin, accentuating thighs and calves. If you have the right shape and you want to opt for the skinny style, try some different colours, there’s no need to stick to the plain blue. Purples and burgundies are a good idea, as are some of the bright primary colours that are expected to be big news this summer.


The Everyday Jeans


Choose tapered jeans for the perfect casual look. This is a relaxed style that thins down from straight at the top to skinnier at the bottom. Grey or black denim is a good choice and you can even choose a distressed look seeing as this is a style for chilling in or hanging out down at your local with your mates. Wear tapered jeans with a white T-shirt from the Hugo Boss designer clothes selection. Check out for a selection of designer jeans and menswear at great prices.


Straight cut jeans also create that perfect casual look, especially when teamed up with your favourite pair of trainers. Straight cut jeans give you room to relax and move without looking over-baggy. Roll up the jeans for a modern twist, but not too high, you shouldn’t be able to see your socks when standing straight. If you’re a fan of wearing Converse, the straight cut jeans are the best cut to choose.


Feeling Loose and Carefree


Loose cut jeans have a parallel leg but they are very baggy, so you’re going to need a decent belt. You can wear the jeans with a great T-shirt or your favourite hoody, ideal for hung-over Sunday mornings. However, if you don’t want to appear too sloppy, make sure you tuck in your t-shirt and team the jeans with some leather high-tops.



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