How to Find and Hire the Best Wedding DJ Within Your Budget

When planning a wedding, there are so many different elements that you need to plan and budget for. Finding and hiring a great DJ is one thing you will need to consider. The DJ helps to keep the energy and excitement up at your wedding reception. He or she will get people dancing and ensure that everyone has a positive, entertaining experience. Here are some helpful tips that will help you to find and hire the best wedding DJ within your budget without sacrificing talent or professionalism.

  1. The best way to stay within a budget, is to set one! You will need to truly sit down and crutch numbers by looking what you have already spent, what you plan to spend and how much money you have to work with. Be realistic about your budget and consider all the other things you need to spend money on while planning your wedding! Often you can find a DJ that is well-respected and diligent for anywhere between $600 and $1500.
  2. Word of mouth. The best way to find a good DJ is to ask friends or family members about their past experiences with DJs for weddings or other events. They will be able to recommend services. They can also help to steer you away from professionals who they did not have a good experience with so that you can protect yourself and avoid wasting your time interviewing another DJ.
  3. Find professionals that DJ in your local area. The shorter the distance, the less they will likely charge because they won’t have to spend lots of money on gas and driving to your venue. Also, having someone close by will help make the experience more convenient so that you can meet with the DJ in advance to discuss playlists and other topics.
  4. Be sure to interview a few candidates. Compare various DJ costs and also consider what they have to offer. With the basics, you can likely save money, however you may want certain services and may be willing and able to pay a bit extra to have those amenities. Weigh the pros and cons about each professional and determine which is the right fit for you and your needs. Comparing can also gel you to see if one DJ’s prices are extreme. If everyone else charges around $700 and another charges $1,000, they may be overcharging.
  5. Finally, be on the lookout for additional charges and fees. Some professionals or companies will give you the initial fee, but won’t tell you about additional charges until after the fact which can totally through off your budget. Ask if there are extra costs for dance lighting, cordless mice, extra speakers, as well as backup equipment. This will give you a more authentic estimate of your DJ costs so you can plan accordingly and avoid not so nice surprises.

While hiring a wedding DJ is a significant expense, it also an integral component to a fun, exciting, successful wedding reception. Be sure to interview multiple DJ’s such as Soundwave DJ and Photo. Also ask around for recommendations, set a realistic budget, and ask about additional fees in advance. These tips will help make the experience more affordable as well as successful so that your wedding day is perfect!

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