Creating a custom t-shirt

The T-shirt is probably the biggest success story of any item of clothing over the past hundred years. Having moved far from its work-wear roots, today your choice of T-shirt can say a lot about you. From bold colours, comedy slogans and high end design examples costing hundreds of pounds, there really is one for everyone.

There is one more wonderful thing about a T-shirt though, and that is the fact that they are really easy to customise and make exclusively, uniquely your own.

So, how do you go about creating a custom T-shirt?


Making custom t-shirts is just about as varied a process as the end results you can get. The most basic way is to take a ‘punk’ DIY route and start with a shop bought T-shirt of any type.

Where you go from there is totally up to you. Cutting and cropping is one simple thing to do. Adding things to it like zips or other accessories is pretty straightforward too while making your own designs or logos with dyes, durable marker pens or even spray paint means you can let your artistic abilities run riot.


If you want to take this kind of DIY approach a stage further then you may, or may not, be surprised to learn ‘there’s an app for that’.

You can get software to help you create a design and this can originate in many forms; from drawing something on a piece of paper and scanning it into your computer to using a graphics package of your choice to make something more elaborate.

Your creativity is really the only limit on what you can achieve. You can then buy iron-on blank sheets which you can print your design onto and simply transfer onto you T-shirt of choice.

This is a really simple and cost effective way to get intricate designs onto a T-shirt.

Custom manufacturers

The next step on from this approach is to design your own t shirt but have someone else make the finished product for you. This can be a great idea if you are looking to make more than one single item – perhaps for a group project or outing or even for promotional purposes for your business, interest or hobby.

There are plenty of online operators to choose from who will offer you a full service at competitive prices. They usually have a wide range of clothing products that you can choose from and as well as the classic T-shirt shape there are collared tees, tank tops, sports shirts and polo neck styles to consider, along with many others.

The production and manufacturing techniques used in this type of custom T-shirt approach will be far more refined than either a home-made punk effort or a DIY iron-on transfer. The results that you can achieve can be as delicately detailed as you want them to be.

Making custom clothing is something that many people are beginning to use more often and if you want to start expressing your ideas using your clothes then a T-shirt is a great way to get the ball rolling.

This article was written by Jason Hedman, A freelance blogger with an interest in fashion.

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