Choosing an Engagement Photography Location: 5 Factors to Consider

Engagement photos are a fun, special way to announce your engagement to family and friends. These photos are pictures that you will cherish for the rest of your lives together. Once you have chosen a photographer, you will next need to decide where to shoot these photos. Here are 5 factors every newly engaged couple should consider when choosing an engagement photography location.

  1. Consider your personalities. Your photos should reflect the things you both love to do in an environment that seems most natural. If you both love city life in Manhattan, it may be a bit out of place to take your photos in the woods or the country side. The location should make sense. Maybe you take the photos by the water because you love the beach or on a gold course if you golf together! The ovation should reflect upon your personalities and your relationship together.
  2. You may also choose a location with meaningful significance to the two of you. Maybe the location is the coffee shop where you had your first date, or the spot where he popped the question. The spot could even be a place as simple as where you two love to get ice cream! Taking pictures in these spots will make the photos more meaningful since they tell a story of your love together.
  3. The time of day really influences pictures, quality, and lighting. Therefore it is essential that you check out the spot you are considering for your pictures at different times of day to make sure the lighting will be appropriate during your photo shoot time. If you are going to different locations, this can also help you to schedule your shoots during the day appropriately so that you get to each location during an ideal time.
  4. Consider the time of year. While the spot stays the same location-wise, the scenery will change. A certain spot may look fantastic in mid-June with tons of floors and greenery, but it may be a completely different picture in February or even in the fall in October. Consider if you want flowers, fall foliage, or snow. All are great options, but the seasons will dramatically influence the look and feel of your engagement photos.
  5. Finally, it’s never a bad idea to check out Pinterest– every bride spends time on this site! Instead of re-inventing the wheel, check out of couple’s photos to get ideas for locations that you could use for your own engagement photos. Not only will these give you scenery ideas, but it can also give you some ideas for poses and outfits too!

All of these factors will help you to narrow down and decide where you and your fiancé want to shoot your engagement photos. Remember that this spot should match your personality, be a significant, meaningful location, have good lighting, be appropriate during the time of year you want to shoot your photos and more. In addition, be sure to check out Pinterest for great ideas from Angie Diaz Photography and other photographers as well as couples who have photos from their engagement photography session posted on Pinterest.

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