How To Buy A Wedding Ring For A Man

You will find tips everywhere on how to buy jewellery for women, but rarely does one find advice on buying jewellery for men. It can be quite a challenging prospect as unlike most women, most men don’t really have an idea about their own taste in jewellery. So while buying a wedding ring or eternity rings New York, you have to be especially careful about buying the right thing for your loved one because it is something that he shall hopefully be wearing forever.

Here are a few things that you should know before going about it.

Trends in Wedding and Eternity Rings

Nowadays, people don’t make a big brouhaha about gold wedding and eternity rings as they used to. Over the last few years, there has been a definite move away from gold and towards new metals like Titanium and Tungsten. These have quite a few things going for them.

Firstly, they are way cheaper than gold. Second of all, these metals are much stronger, harder as opposed to gold which is soft and scratches easily. Using these stronger materials means he doesn’t have to take the ring off every time he does some work which could involve the ring getting scratched. The lesser a ring is taken off, the lesser the chance of it being misplaced or stolen.

Titanium and Tungsten are resistant to chemicals and have hypoallergenic properties which means no allergic reactions like the ones caused by gold and silver. Also, you can buy your eternity rings New York in different colours for some variety too.

Newer options

If you really want an eternity ring which is scratch resistant, then Tungsten Carbide is an excellent option. It is available in grey and blue and only diamond is harder. For a slightly subtle touch, use Titanium which has a grey look.

For black lovers, use Zirconium or Zirconia. You can get it in any colour you like as well if you choose Zirconium. Zirconia however is only available in black and will be able to weather all the battles you put it through. If you think he will like white, then go in for Stainless Steel or even Platinum if you can afford the extra cost.

Expert advice

If your husband or boyfriend does a lot of physical work with his hands, then go for a ring in steel, titanium or tungsten. These will even weather jobs like bricklaying and he wont have to take it off. These materials are wonderfully scratch-resistant.

A platinum ring will cost you over thirty times the price of a titanium ring which will last you as long as the former.

If you are going for wedding rings, why not get Roman numeral date rings? This way, the date will never be forgotten.

Don’t opt for rhodium plated rings as the plating wears off within two months revealing the metal underneath. Go in for simple white gold rings which wont wear off over time.

Slowly the rules behind rings are being rewritten. Don’t think that you are being cheap by spending less on your beloved’s ring? Metals like Titanium and Steel are slowly becoming extremely fashionable. Of course if you have the money to spare and don’t want to go the conventional way, then ditch the gold and head for platinum or even an exotic titanium piece. Lastly, make sure that the ring fits. Don’t despair if the first few weeks feel a little uncomfortable to him, give some time for the skin to adjust and it will be just fine.

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John Davids is a jewellery designer running his own label for wedding jewellery and eternity rings New York for the last decade. He specialises in modern designs and experiments with new metals. John loves driving to historical sites in his free time.


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