Alternative Jewelry Making Uses For Beads

There are so many sites out there that will offer beads that are inexpensive for those that want to create jewelery. We see a constant growth in the number of individuals that start to use beads in order to deal with the projects they have. The beads are not expensive and offer high quality. With some practice, you can even end up creating DIY jewelery with the standard of manufacturers like Trollbeads.

Even if most of the beads are used to create jewelery, this does not mean that there are no alternative uses that you can take into account. There are so many projects that you can start and that would find a great use for some extra beads that you have. We will highlight some of them so that you can see different available options.

Clothing And Beads

Simple clothes can easily be jazzed up with the use of the beads that you normally use in the creation of jewelery. Faceted beads or thread smooth beads can easily be attached to skirts, tops and dresses in order to add some more sparkle to plain clothes. Your very own beading addition will basically guarantee that your look is as unique as possible.

Remember the fact that you want to be really careful as you wash the new clothes because of the fact that they would become sensitive to hot water, the aggressive spinning techniques and harsh chemicals in cleaning products.

Home Decorations And Beads

So many interior decoration projects can take advantage of the beads you normally use in jewelery making. Examples can be given in beaded curtains, cushions and even lampshades. You can utilize the bead to add some beautiful details to an item. Various styles, shapes and colors exist at the moment. Use them in order to be sure that your interior design style would be consistent. Try not to use the beads in a region where they could be pulled off when you have children since this can lead to serious injury for the small ones.

Wedding Decorations And Beads

A wedding can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. This includes venue hire, dresses, rings, photographers and even flowers. You want to be sure that decoration costs are kept at a minimum. Beads work great because they are cheap and they can be used as a great decoration piece. Do not sell items covered in gemstones or cut glass. Using beads is great since most of the guests are not going to notice a difference. You will save much cash associated with decoration costs.

Game Pieces And Beads

Most of the board games will use fiddly, small pieces or some score counters that would be easily lost. When you see that there are board game pieces that are missing, beads are available as substitutes. Obviously, the beads will not look that great but you will definitely not care much because of the fact that you will be able to play the game, which is exactly what you want.




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