Advice And Ideas For Dressing Up In Creative Fancy Dress

Mention fancy dress and most people react with an inward groan as they hate the thought of dreaming up novel fancy dress ideas and sourcing decent costumes. Many fancy dress shops sell poor quality fancy dress clothing, one size fits all and an abundance of plastic and cheap fabric.

Fancy Dress Doesn’t Have To Be Painful
Most women love their clothes and often put a lot of thought and effort into pulling an outfit together. We love to have a special event to go to, whether that is a wedding, cocktail party or formal occasion as it is an excuse to wear some fantastic clothes. Take the same approach to fancy dress and it doesn’t have to be the nightmare we all think it to be. A girl can wear fancy dress and still look good, without spending a lot of money.

You can probably utilise a lot of clothing you already own and then add some accessories and you are good to go. Fancy dress doesn’t always have to be horror fancy dress, or look ugly. You could choose some fantastic period outfit and look amazing. An iconic look is the flapper look and it is relatively easy to pull off. You might already have a dress in a flapper style, or they can be pretty easy to come by. All you then need to complete the look are some era distinct accessories like long gloves, a long pearl necklace, feather hair accessories and perhaps a feather boa.

A fairy, angel or princess look is also easy to pull off as you can probably make use of a dress that already exists in your wardrobe. If you have a beautiful long formal dress, it can be adapted to one of these costumes. Add a crown and some fabulous gemstone jewellery and you have a princess look. A wand and some glitter can transform you into a fairy and if you have a long angelic nightdress, add some wings and you are on your way to being an angel. These costumes are a great excuse to wear comfortable ballerina flats too!

Go A Little Further
Often the most dramatic and most fun costumes will require a little more effort than just adding a few accessories. These can also be the most fun. Let your imagination run riot with the darker side of dressing up as witches, demons, vampires. You can still look glamorous and sexy if you are not too keen on accentuating the more grotesque side of these characters, but do play around with some dramatic costume make up and accessories like fake blood, fake fangs, a random facial wart or two for the witch. Witches are incredibly easy to do. A long black dress, black boots, the obligatory pointy hat and broomstick and wild unkempt hair will have you looking witchy in no time. Add a toy black cat to go the extra mile with your look. Vampires are easy to make sexy and scary all at the same time, the best of both worlds if it is Halloween!

Jennifer writes regularly on fashion and costume design for a range of lifestyle websites and blogs. She recommends searching the internet for a huge selection of horror fancy dress ideas and costumes.

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