5 Plus Size Swimwear Shopping Tips for Curvy Women

If you’re a woman who is a bit on the curvy side, when it comes to shopping for a swimsuit, you might be a bit apprehensive about getting one. However, the reality is that being a plus-size woman does not mean that you have to be shy about showing off what you have to offer. You simply need to find the kind of suit that complements all of your best assets while camouflaging what you’d like to keep a bit hidden.

If considering purchasing another swimsuit for the summer season and you’d like a few tips on how to get one that is just right for you, we’ve got five great tips to help you to achieve that goal below:

Look for wider straps. One thing that a lot of voluptuous women tend to have in common is the fact that they tend to be “blessed in abundance” up top. If you can personally relate, then you already know that you need quite a bit of support. Something that help to give you that is a swimsuit that has wider straps. One particular kind of suit that will guarantee you those kinds of results is one that has a halter top.

Avoid patterns in the tummy area. If you have a bit more weight in the tummy area, then you want to do what you can in order to divert people’s attention from it. One way that you can do that is by avoiding swimsuits that have bold patterns like strips, flowers or polka dots where you stomach is. If you do want a suit that comes with a bit of definition, opt for ruching. It’s a curvy girl’s best friend.

Try on control lining. Are you concerned that you’ll have some lumps showing within your suit? Thankfully, many swimsuits now come with control lining inside of them. If you’re curious to know what it consists of, many people liken it to having on a pair of Spanx; only it would be the kind that fits your entire body. As a heads up, it might feel a bit tight when you first try this type of suit on but it will start to feel comfortable after you wear it for a few minutes.

Opt for high-cut bottoms. If you’ve always dreamed of having legs like a model, you might think it’s unrealistic to say that you can achieve that look with the help of a swimsuit, but actually you can do just that. In fact, if you go to a website like Vida Soleil to shop for some flatter plus size swimwear ,you will probably notice that they have several suits that come with high-cut bottoms. That style is what gives the illusion that your legs are longer than they actually might be.

Have fun with color. Although there might be a part of you who thinks that they only kind of swimsuit that you should put on is a black one, we actually couldn’t disagree more. If you get a swimsuit that is the right cut and has a lot of support, don’t be afraid to have fun with color. The right shade can bring out the color of your eyes or the glow in your skin. It can make you look like a natural curvy girl beauty who simply can’t wait to show off her stuff at the pool or beach!

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