5 Hot Celebrity Women With Lots of Ink

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to get tattoos, but most just end up with one or two little ones that can be easily hidden. And this is especially true for female celebrities. However, there are certainly actresses and musicians that buck the trend and permanently ink more of their bodies. Here are just a few hot celebrity vixens that wear their tats like a badge of honor.

  1. Kat Von D. It’s not surprising to see tattoo artists sporting a ton of ink, but even in the tattoo community it’s rare to see people inking their face. Kat Von D of L.A. Ink does not seem like one to shy away from controversy, however, as evidenced by the stars on her face, the rose on her neck, full sleeves on both arms, and more. Of course, she also created a makeup line designed to hide tattoos, with ad campaigns that featured a flawless finish on her entire upper body. But her ink is what made her famous and she’s likely to continue adding to it until she has every inch of flesh decorated.
  2. Cassadee Pope. This songstress got her start on season three of ‘The Voice’, which she won at the end of 2012 to become the first female winner of the televised singing competition. She has since released a solo album, ‘Frame by Frame’ that debuted at number one on the country charts, and she’s never been shy about showing off her tattoos, which have turned into a half sleeve. Although body art is a bit more rock than country, this singer/songwriter rides the line between the genres. On one side of her arm is a bird with lines of music spouting from its beak, and on the other is a banner bearing the letters “BND”, for “believers never die”. A couple of smaller tats and some embellishments round out her sleeve.
  3. Rihanna. Although you might not necessarily think of Jamaican singer Rihanna as a tattooed beauty, she actually sports 21 tattoos (and counting). Most of them just happen to be hidden, while others have been covered completely. For example, she used to sport two music notes on her left ankle, but they’ve been replaced by an Egyptian falcon. And while she started with a small Maori tribal tattoo on the thumb of her right hand (a match to the one on former boyfriend Chris Brown), she has since added a chevron pattern extending from the wrist all the way down the back of the hand and onto the fingers, which she later partially covered with an extensive henna-style design. She also has Arabic script on her ribcage, an image of the Egyptian goddess Isis on her sternum, and a birth date (of a friend) in Roman numerals on her shoulder, amongst others in a growing gallery of independent tattoos. Clearly, she’s not opposed to exploring symbols and motifs from other cultures and time periods.
  4. Lady Gaga. You might expect this avant-garde musician to have some truly crazy tattoos, but with the title of “Lady” it should come as no surprise that her body art includes roses on her back, daisies on her shoulder, a peace sign on her wrist, a unicorn on her thigh, a cherub on her head, and a heart with the word “Dad” on her arm (amongst others).
  5. Angelina Jolie. Although this A-list actress isn’t covered head-to-toe in tats, she probably ranks amongst the best known celebrity women with tattoos. And unlike many celebrities, hers all seem to stem from personal experiences and have some kind of deep personal meaning. Take, for example, the Khmer script on her shoulder. It is a Buddhist incantation for protection and she is said to have gotten it in Thailand while adopting son Pax. She has also had some tattoos removed, like former husband Billy Bob Thornton’s name, which she lasered and replaced with the locations (in latitude and longitude) where each of her children became a part of her life. Her ever-changing body of tattoos may not be enough to get her featured on products from InkedShop.com, but they’ve certainly gained attention on the red carpet.

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