5 Great Groomsmen Gift Ideas for Food and Beer Lovers

You’ve selected your closest male family members and friends to participate in your wedding party and stand beside you on the biggest day of your life, and you probably want to reward them for their friendship and support by giving them a unique and meaningful gift. But it can be difficult to figure out what to give the special guys in your life. And the crunch in time and money you’ll experience leading up to the wedding could make your job even harder to accomplish. But if the guys in your wedding party happen to be a bunch of foodies and beer lovers, you’ll find that it’s actually pretty easy to get them gifts that they’re sure to enjoy. Here are a few great groomsmen gift ideas that center on a shared love of food and drink.

  1. Grilling tool sets. Most guys love to get outdoors and cook up some burgers, brats, steak, or kebabs on the grill during the summer months. And you can help to optimize their experience with complete, professional-grade grilling tool kits from a company like Weber or Cuisinart, just for example. With spatulas, tongs, forks, corn holders, reusable skewers, a cleaning brush, and countless other tool options, not to mention a handy holding case, this gift is one that every guy on your list of groomsmen is sure to get plenty of use out of.
  2. Restaurant gift certificates. For certified foodies there is no better gift than a fantastic meal out, so consider sampling the fare at some of the finer dining establishments in your locale to find a great place to purchase gift certificates for a meal. You could even arrange to take them out for dinner and drinks on your dime if you prefer the gift of a shared experience. And for guys that don’t live in your area, consider using a restaurant guide for their cities to pick a spot they’ll likely enjoy so that you can order a gift certificate.
  3. A cooking class. If your groomsmen like to cook, eat, or both, setting up a cooking class with a qualified chef could make for a fun and enlightening experience. It’s not a typical gift for guys, but that could make it all the more unique. At the very least all your pals will pick up a new recipe to impress the ladies in their lives, and sample some excellent cuisine in the process. And at best they’ll have a great time creating a delicious dish.
  4. Beer tasting. Leave the wine tasting to the ladies and set up a day of tasting beer flights at a nearby brewery. Or better yet, get a party bus and hop around from one brewery to the next. This could technically double as a bachelor party, but if you want to give your groomsmen a special gift, this is one that the beer-lovers in your party will no doubt appreciate.
  5. Barware. When it comes to traditional gifts for groomsmen, you really can’t go wrong with any type of barware, including glasses, mixing tools, and flasks, just for example. You could even have some fun with your selection by finding traditional steins at a site like GermanSteins.com. These make a perfect gift for beer aficionados.

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