5 Effective Head-to-Toe Wedding Day Beauty Prep Tips

Your wedding beauty plans shouldn’t start the day of your wedding. Waiting until the last minute or “winging” your makeup and hair is often a big mistake and can lead to a great deal of wedding day stress and frustration. Instead, plan ahead and follow these 5 effective head to toe wedding day beauty prep tips.

  1. Hair. Having beautiful, luscious locks on your wedding day, means you need to start from the inside out. Start by eating a vitamin B-rich diet. Foods like fish, nuts, and eggs are a great way to start. The use of vitamin B will help to ensure your hair is strong, shiny, and vibrant. You can then begin to work on your hair from the outside. Try to reduce how often you blow dry your hair or use hot tool since these are drying and damaging with regular use. Also, consider invigorating massages on your scalp to stimulate the hair follicle. Finally, get your hair trimmed regularly to get rid of dead ends.
  2. Face. To ensure your face looks its very best, you may want to consult a dermatologist and/or an aesthetician. A dermatologist can help you if you are fighting acne. They may prescribe a topical cream, oral pills, or facial peels to remove bacteria. Give your skin at least 6 weeks to adjust to the medications or treatments before your wedding so that the treatments have enough time to be effective. If you don’t have any serious facial issues but want to add vibrancy and remove dullness form your skin, an aesthetician is likely your best bet. This licensed professional can help to clear away blackheads, slough off dead skin and improve circulation with facials.
  3. Eyes. Planning a wedding involves lots of work, and sometimes several sleepless nights. This may leave your eyes puffy or with dark circles. The skin of this area is very sensitive and delicate, so start by taking of makeup gently with a water-soluble makeup remover and ever scrub! At night, apply an eye cream under the eyes to help increase circulation. You can also apply a cool compress once or a twice a week or for immediate results to reduce puffiness. On the day of your wedding, try to avoid salty foods, which can cause the eyes to look more swollen.
  4. Lips. Your lips will be the feature of that super important kiss to seal the deal on your wedding day! Make sure your pout steals the show! Begin using a vitamin E stick before your wedding day to fight cracks, chapping or creases. Also, try to exfoliate your lips once a week. You can do this easily by wetting a toothbrush with warm water and brushing your lips back and forth. Finally, use a chap stick with SPF to protect them from harmful rays of the sun.
  5. Finally, get your entire body ready! Exercising is essential. Not only will it ensure you can fit perfectly into your wedding gown on your big day, but exercise gives your entire body a glow, and ensures you look vibrant, fit and healthy. Also, start taking a daily multi-vitamin to keep everything in check including your digestive system, sleep cycles and more. Lastly exfoliate the skin of your entire body for a glow that comes from fresh skin and improved circulation. You can get a professional body scrub, or simply use a loofah or body scrub on your own in the shower or tub.

On your big wedding day, you will be grateful that you used these effective bridal beauty tips to prep. You will have time to reap the benefits of these treatments so that you look absolutely stunning and vibrant on your special day. Things such as exfoliating, exercising, using Vitamins B and E, getting facials from Wedding Prep Gals, avoid hot tools on your hair and more will ensure you are prepared from head to toe.

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