5 Bride and Groom First Dance Preparation Tips

The first dance is often a point of contention for couples tying the knot, whether because of the song choice or the fact that one or both partners have two left feet. But just as you learn to walk, run, swim, or play an instrument, you can train your body to dance. And since the first dance is a traditional event at weddings, you might want to figure a few things out before the big day. Here are some preparatory tips that should help the first dance at your wedding go off without a hitch.

  1. Choose a song. Although you will have to make dozens of choices regarding your wedding, the most important decision when it comes to your first dance is the song you will whirl across the floor to. If you already have a song that is special to you as a couple, your selection will be a no brainer. Otherwise, you might want to peruse online listings of popular love songs to find one that suits you (and that is easy to dance to).
  2. Check in with the venue. There are several things you’ll need to ascertain if you plan to dance at your wedding. And you should prepare a list of questions for your reception venue. First, you need to make sure they can provide a dance floor. In some cases they’ll need to lay hard flooring over plush carpeting so that guests can dance. At the very least, they’ll have to arrange the seating to accommodate an open area for dancing. And you need to make sure there’s a spot for a band or a DJ to set up equipment. Of course, you’ll also need adequate power and a sound system. So your first step might be to make sure you’ve chosen a venue that can meet your needs. Otherwise your first dance could happen amidst a clutter of tables with the music piped in on your iPhone.
  3. Bustle before your hustle. If you know there’s going to be dancing at your wedding, it’s important to make sure that the wedding dress train is out of the way so that it doesn’t get stepped on during the first dance. During alterations, bustling buttons and loops will need to be added in order to pull up the train, although a removable train is also a popular option these days. Short trains may also feature a loop that goes over the bride’s wrist to pull the fabric up and off the floor during dancing, but still allow for the train to be easy draped on the floor for later photos. You’ll have to decide what you prefer, but if you plan to dance, the bride really has to get her gown up off the floor first.
  4. Take lessons. Few people these days are trained for formal dancing. And while you might not necessarily do the waltz, the fox trot, or the tango at your wedding, it’s not a bad idea to take a dance class as a couple. One important thing that taking dance classes will teach you is how to move together. Men will learn to lead and women will learn to follow, and believe it or not, they’re equally crucial to dancing in sync. So even if you don’t end up doing a formal dance for your first go on the floor as a married couple, the classes you take at a respected facility like Now and Then Dance Studios can help you to look your best when you take the floor.
  5. Hire a choreographer. Many couples these days are going the extra mile when it comes to the first dance by hiring a professional choreographer to plan and teach them a special dance for their special day. If you really want to wow your guests and have a first dance that everyone at your event will remember for the rest of their lives, this could be a fun way to kick off your reception, not to mention your married life.

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